Our Commitment

The Environment and our potential impact on it is very important to us. Our commitment is to do all that can be done to reduce the impact of our activities, with a view to preserving the environment for future generations.

Our commitment involves reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases.
We are aware of the impact caused by our activities, and therefore we want to develop our activities while respecting both people and the environment. This means:

  • Leaving future generations a world they can live in;
  • Preserving biodiversity.

That is the spirit in which the Charles André Group is committing itself to reducing our emissions of CO2 
The project hinges on 5 major directions:

  • Equipment (replacing our current fleet by vehicles to Euro 6 standard, using synthetic oils and energy-saving tyres);
  • Fuel;
  • Training (utilising comparison tools);
  • Organisation (monitoring empty running, information systems, non-road transport);
  • Communication (changing habits).

These processes have been adopted to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Let Us Act Today to Prepare Tomorrow.

Together, exceeding your requirements.