Groupe Charles Andre has a strong commitment to training. Each year it spends 3% of its annual wage bill on delivering quality bespoke training to its workforce and has in excess of 55 QHSE employees to help fulfil this requirement.

We recognise the importance of having a driving force trained to the highest levels to ensure optimum performance in safety, efficiency, customer service and respect for the environment in which it operates.

It all begins at the recruitment stage, and is based on the objective assessment of skills, applying tools specific to the market sector he or she will operate in. Selection is based on, but not limited to; background, professional experience, references and specialisation. The candidate will complete a written and practical assessment which gives a base-line to develop an individual bespoke training plan.


The continuous training programme is managed and monitored through the QA procedures, all GCA drivers complete regular and extensive BBS training, personalised to their specific area of expertise. This training includes elements such as; product training, fuel efficient and defensive driving, roll-over training (class room and a practical simulation in a modified vehicle) safety awareness, near-miss training, manual handling, which are in conjunction with the continuous driver CPC training. GCA is committed to ongoing training, and sees it as pivotal in ensuring GCA is a safe place to work.

Our driver trainers are selected based on their skills and experience, gained from many years on the frontline doing the job themselves.

They are responsible for delivering one to one training in all aspects of the task at hand whether that is driven by

  • Securing a new client
  • Taking on new activities
  • New loading or delivery sites
  • New products
  • New equipment

All driver trainers are former drivers and receive extensive in house training themselves. Their training focuses on areas such as

  • Driving assessments
  • Carrying out drug and alcohol testing
  • PPE training
  • BBS
  • Product training
  • Defensive driving
  • Security
  • Auditing of all new operations prior to commencement.


The Group promotes the sharing of information and consistency in its approach to training across the subsidiaries. Driver trainers from across the Group meet regularly to share best practise and be updated on changes in legislation and training requirements. This culminates in the Group coming together along with customers for Safety Week. A whole week dedicated to showcasing GCA’s methods and the tools it uses to maintain safety and for training purposes. The Safety Week is open to all of our drivers, and all of our clients.

As well as our driving force, each individual employee has a personalised training and development plan. The goals and aspirations of the individual and the company are reviewed and evaluated each year, producing a training plan and goals for the following year. Ongoing and open communication ensures there are regular training reviews to adapt the individuals’ needs, ensuring we continue to meet the requirements of an ever-changing business.

Together, exceeding your requirements.